Educational programs overview

The archives at Northwestern College holds World War II-related collections that help students learn more about how documents and artifacts tell the stories of real people. Students will learn how different types of research helped piece together one family's war story, plus they will have the chance to transcribe documents and put them in context, doing work historians do.

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What materials will students see?

We have a number of World War II-era materials we can show, based upon your interests and objectives. Students like to see actual artifacts from the war, plus engage with the scrapbooks and letters from the collections.  

What does the schedule look like?

We are willing to customize our program based upon your educational objectives; see sample schedules from other schools who have visited us.  

How have other teachers incorporated this in their curriculum?

Read this short article detailing how George-Little Rock Middle School visited Northwestern as part of their interdisciplinary unit on the Holocaust.  

How do I learn more or schedule a time to visit?

Fill out our online form, and we'll reply with ideas on how we can share these resources with your students.