Equipment for checkout

DeWitt Library has the following equipment available for the Northwestern community. These items may be requested from the Circulation Desk.

Click on the equipment name to see current availability. While most items are available to students, some are intended for employee use only. Items have various checkout periods; you can view checkout and renewal information on our Circulation Policies page.   

Bicycles Single and tandem models available
Calculators TI-30Xa scientific calculators
Charging accessories Micro USB, Apple Lightning, and Apple 8-pin cords available
Clicker For faculty and staff use 
Digital voice recorders For recording lectures and interviews
DVD drive (external) For computers without a built-in DVD drive
GoPro Here 9 Includes wrist strap, hand strap, tripod, lanyard, and case
Hammocks Single and double available
HDMI adapter cables Use to connect equipment to projectors
HDMI cables with ethernet Use to connect equipment to projectors
Headphones Library use only
iPads 2nd-generation and Air models available
Laptops Windows platform
3-hour laptops for library use only
7-day laptops for off-campus use
7-day laptops for faculty and staff use
Meeting OWL Pro For faculty and staff use
Microphone Miniplug for microphone jack
Phone mount For stabilizing mobile phones; can be used with tripod
Portable monitor For faculty and staff use
Portable white board Includes carrying case
Projectors LCD models available for students
HDMI models available for faculty and staff
Swivl robot For recording classroom presentations
Tripods For digital and still cameras
Video cameras Digital video
Webcams For faculty and staff use