The library's reserves service allows faculty to set aside books, films, or other materials for class use.

To place items on reserve, please do the following:

  1. Locate the materials you want to put on reserve. You can include items from the library collection or your own personal collection. 
  2. Fill out a reserve request form with the materials you want to be placed on reserve. You can fill out and print the form (or print the form and fill it in with a pen); the form is also available at the Circulation Desk.
  3. Bring your form along with your materials to the Circulation Desk.
  4. Submit your reserve requests as soon as possible, giving the library staff 24 hours advance notice for placing items on reserve. Workstudy students do not process these materials, so requests are handled only when the Access Services Coordinator is available.
  5. Inform students to request reserve items under your name. There is a binder available at the Circulation Desk that lists reserve items, or students can look them up online.