Printers and scanners


We have 3 printers available at DeWitt Library:

  • A combination printer/scanner/copier on the first floor that prints 2-sided and in either black/white or color
  • A 2-sided black/white printer on the second floor
  • A color printer on the second floor

Fees for printing are as follows:

  • Black & white, 1-sided: 10¢
  • Black & white, 2-sided: 12¢
  • Color, 1-sided: 50¢
  • Color, 2-sided: 75¢

For more information on connecting to and using our printers, see our Printing at DeWitt page.


We have 2 scanners available:

  • A combination printer/scanner/copier on the first floor (noted above)
  • A book scanner on the second floor that quickly scans and sends digital copies of texts, making it useful for copying materials that cannot be removed from the library such as Bible commentaries, reference materials, or reserve items 

There are no fees for using the scanners.  

For more details on using our scanners, see our Scanning at DeWitt page.