Today's Staff Pick!

Today’s staff pick is from Kyle Ochsner, Director of Athletic Performance/Professor of Practice of Kinesiology.  

Probably my favorite book of 2019 was Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.  Ironically enough it somewhat resonates with our current state, although our scarcity is nothing compared to the post-apocalyptic setting of this book.  Regardless, the sense of loneliness and lack of social interaction can be felt.  Throughout their wanderings down the road, the father teaches his son many physical and mental survival skills. However, the sense of family bonding and relentless hope inspire us to “carry the fire” and nobly embrace human goodness through the journey’s end.  Side note: The author never gives a name for the father and son. So, for me it provided opportunity to promote a deeper connection to the story. As a father to currently only one child it really struck a personal chord with me.

Located in the New Books-1st Floor: PS3563.C337 R63 2006

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